Hunstanton played host to veteran military vehicles of all shapes and sizes at the weekend.

The sight of wartime uniforms on The Green attracted admiring glances and the spectacle was all in a good cause.

The historic vehicles were on show to raise money to help send Second World War veterans and the  Royal Anglian Benevolent Fund.

Organised by Harold Payne, who runs the Anglia Motel near Long Sutton, the event was the first of several planned for this year.

Mr Payne has raised more than £500,000 over the last 20 years to help pay for the costs of sending veterans and relatives on trips to the beaches of northern France where they fought.

“Some of them had never seen the graves of their brothers or mates so we took them back. In the first year there were 52 and now we are down to one original veteran,” he said.

Mr Payne also raises funds to send the younger generations to the war graves and now the numbers of Second World War veterans are dwindling, he also raises money for the Royal Anglian Benevolent Fund.

Mr Payne was at Hunstanton on Saturday and Sunday with supporters of his charitable works.

“It was freezing cold, but you can’t grumble. We raised about £500 over the two days but last year we raised £1,500 in just one day. You can’t do anything about the weather though,” he said.

Last year the group gave £15,000 to the benevolent fund and also supported RAF Marham with £1,000.

Uniforms from the 1940s were proudly worn and Thomas Williamson, 18, of King’s Lynn was glad to be wearing a US-style sheepskin jacket as the weather was close to freezing.

The display will return on August 31 for two days and there will be a two-day event at the Anglia Motel on July 6 and 7.