West Norfolk’s new police chief will be spending his last year with the force on familiar ground.

Supt Carl Edwards is returning to King’s Lynn where he has served previously as a sergeant, inspector and sector inspector.

He will be concentrating on a local focus and core objectives in the role he took up this week.

Supt Edwards, who joined Norfolk police after leaving London in 2001, moves to the west from the North Norfolk and Broadland beat and is due to retire in around a year.

“I have not come here to retire and sit with my feet up, I want to go out with a bang and am
really looking forward to being back in King’s Lynn,” he said.

“I will be continuing the good work of my predecessor Dave Marshall in reducing anti-social behaviour.

“But we will also be concentrating on rural crime. It is a very sparsely populated area in parts,” he said.

Although not promising to flood the villages with uniforms, Supt Edwards said he would be working to develop ways to ensure the rural community was protected.

“It isn’t rocket science, nothing about policing is really. It is about being focused and working with intelligence, targeting those people we know are involved,” he said.

He said he also hoped to be out and about in the community during his tenure.

Former head of the west, Supt Dave Marshall, has moved to Norwich.