A North Lynn church is offering a colourful welcome to its congregation following a major restoration programme.

The doors at St Nicholas Chapel are believed to be among the few surviving original medieval church doors in the country.

Scientific analysis of paint flecks found on the doors revealed flecks of red and green which dated back to the 15th Century.

It is also believed that during medieval times the stonework surrounding the doors  would have been brightly coloured.

The doors received a special blessing from the Bishop of Lynn, the Rt Rev Jonathan

The restoration of the doors is part of a major regeneration project of the whole chapel which stands at the heart of the North End community.

The building is owned by the Churches Conservation Trust which, along with the local Friends group, has been fundraising for the cause.

The Trust has less than £10,000 to go in its major £210,000 appeal. The money would secure a £1.5m National Lottery grant to re-roof the chapel and restore its ornate carved angels within the roof.

The interior is also set to be modernised as part of the project so the space could be used for a variety of community events or exhibitions. A new heating system and toilets are planned as part of the project.

Lynn’s Civic Society has donated £2,000 towards the work on the doors.