There was nothing Desperado about this show which just flashed by in a New York Minute.

The band was on stage from first to last – no support acts here, just the Illegal Eagles belting out the very best music.

From the opening numbers to the battle of the intros (who thought Deep Purple and Queen would crop-up in this gig?) the sound was pure, the mood was nothing but Life in the Fast Lane.

The original line-up of Phil Aldridge, Keith Atack, Jeff Green and Darin Murphy was completed in 2010 by the addition of Garreth Hicklin.

What an addition – the muscianship throughout was outstanding with members chopping and changing instruments seamlessly to create an authentic sound that, with eyes closed, was spot-on.

The audience was soon in the mood and thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening with singing, dancing and applause throughout.

It was a return visit by the band and Phil Aldridge took the time to apologise for the Biblical proportions of the rain outside, and to say how much the band liked coming to Lynn. The West Norfolk crowd certainly appreciated the sentiment and it was simply One of These Nights.